Science (Physics / Chemistry / Biology)

Science education guides learners to perceive the world rationally and understand the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The UK standard curricula like IGCSE-CIE or Edexcel, GCSE, and GCE Advanced level aims at developing scientific knowledge and conceptual comprehension of the subject matter. 


At E Care;

  • Our training professionals provide quality education to enable your conceptual understanding of science and its discipline. 
  • We provide video content to enhance your practical skills. 
  • We encourage you to ask scientific queries to expand your reasoning skills.
  • We develop your innovative thoughts by providing you with the best possible mentoring.
  • We help you integrate the concepts and phenomena of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other science branches.
  • We provide you with study materials and guide you with video demonstrations for every experiment and enhance your practice skills.
  • We teach you every concept from an exam point of view for practice and help you enhance the result.
  • We provide a friendly atmosphere and guide you prepare for their exam based on your curriculum