Self-realisation and possession of knowledge is the ultimate goal of education. Under the IGCSE/AS/ A LEVELS curriculum- CIE and Edexcel, the learner discovers and builds knowledge to develop their academic and life skills. The learner uncovers knowledge during each key stage, and thus the syllabus allows them to standardise their knowledge.

IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education that offers education services by letting pupils learn core subjects and optional specialisation. Edexcel provides a multinational set of principles that enables learners an updated knowledge on concepts, products, facts, services, and procedures. This British education examination system provides a very high standard of knowledge to the learners. Edexcel provides a complete range of UK qualification to the IGCSE. 

The CIE- AS and A levels qualify learners with the UK standards that enable them to pursue their education at reputed universities.


Students following the GCSE and GCE Advanced level tend to prove their proficiency in the selected subject matters. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), or GCE ordinary level is the lower level which acts as a proof to assess eligibility to proceed further with GCE Advanced level. This General Certificate of Education is recognized internationally and is considered as evidence of their academic skills.

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