Sciences (PYP, MYP, CP, DP)

The science group includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design Technology, Computer Science, and Health Science. The learners comprehend and apply the main concepts of the chosen natural science and focus on gaining broad and integrated knowledge of the subject matter. 


At E Care;

  • We provide an integrated learning opportunity by upgrading your analytical and practical skills.
  • We guide you regularly and provide you with supplementary notes for a better learning experience. 
  • We help you understand the application of Science subjects by using video content for experiments and findings. 
  • We assess your progress and uplift you for a promising career.
  • We provide extra guidance, additional learning materials, and relevant examples to appreciate the wonders of the world.
  • We teach you every concept from an exam point of view for practice and help you enhance the result.
  • We provide a friendly atmosphere and guide you prepare for their exam based on your curriculum