Geographic factors of Earth connect social and cultural behaviour. Canadian Geography Curricula aims at the perspective of Geography as a factor that interconnects the environment and human life. The curriculum also goes through geographical factors such as climate, navigation, and environment. The curriculum enables the learner to understand the application of geographic learning into practice for future purposes. 


At E Care;

  • We uplift you with the wonders of geography using audio-visual aids by providing a friendly atmosphere.
  • We guide you to understand and apply geographical tools for different purposes. 
  • Our lively and interactive sessions help you get curious about the geographical wonders.
  • We revitalise you with activities that can revive your interest in the subject matter.
  • We provide you with study materials and guide you to practice concepts with the help of video demonstrations.
  • We teach you every concept from an exam point of view for practice and help you enhance the result.
  • We provide a friendly atmosphere and guide you prepare for their exam based on your curriculum