Engineering Courses

Engineering courses open up the creative talents of learners and thus enable them to be a part of being breators. Graduating Engineering degree is as pivotal as qualifying the JEE entrance exam. Our service includes KTU syllabus, VIT, and even Autonomous syllabus with high standards. We, at E Care Classes, provide individual tuition for the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT, Computer Science, and AI.


At E Care;

  • We enhance your learning ability by providing you with quality learning experience. 
  • We provide additionals and standard learning materials and problems to analyse and apply the knowledge through practice.
  • We help you learn from the exam point of view and guide you to relate the study matters of practical knowledge.
  • We provide you with study materials, and guide you to conduct experiments with the help of video demonstrations.
  • We provide a friendly atmosphere and guide you to prepare for their exam based on your curriculum.

If your Engineering courses are giving you a hard time, join E Care and make the course comprehensible.