Insightful Parenting: Essential Qualities We Should Instill In Our Children

Insightful Parenting: Essential Qualities We Should Instill In Our Children

Published on: January 23, 2023 Aparna Namboodiripad | E Care Faculty, English

मातृपितृकृताभ्यासो गुणितामेति बालकः ।
न गर्भच्युतिमात्रेण पुत्रो भवति पण्डितः ।।
{Only a child who is well trained by the parents attains a state of possessing good merits. The child doesn’t become learned merely being born into a good family.}

According to our scriptures, the utmost duty of a parent is to educate a child, a child who will be an asset to himself, his parents, his society, his country, and all of humanity. Every parent should master the skill of raising a value-conscious child. There are certain essential qualities that should be imparted to kids from a young age, which influence their overall development. These qualities can have a profound effect on their future success.

Here are a few snippets of wisdom that I would like to share with our children.

1. Respect for Oneself:

Every child should be taught to respect their body, mind, and soul. Nurture these three aspects of life; they are going to be your kids' best friends and will help them achieve great heights. Teaching children yoga and meditation will help them to maintain a cordial relationship with themselves and cultivate a sense of discipline while growing up.

2. Self Reliance:

Teach them to be self-sufficient, so that they can be independent. Motivate children to take initiative. Make sure that children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. Give them simple chores, like packing their school bags, polishing their shoes or tidying their rooms. It is important to praise them when they complete their assigned duties diligently.

3. Value of Friendship:

Children should be guided to choose their friends wisely. They should be a good friend first who will respect and cherish their real friends. Make sure their friends are supportive and like-minded.  Having quality friends is more important than having a lot of friends.

4. Failure is not Ultimate:

Remind them that it is okay for people to fail occasionally, but what is more vital is that people bounce back from failures as quickly as they can. Don’t fear failure. Make sure you keep trying. It is hard work that makes the difference between success and failure. The road to success doesn't end with failure.

5. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body:

Health is our greatest wealth. Nourish their bodies with healthy food. Make them go out and play. Engage them in extracurricular activities such as arts, sports or drama etc. All of these activities will contribute to the child's overall development.

6. The Power of Prayer:

Daily prayer will   empower kids to overcome any challenge in life with the assurance that God is with them. The miraculous armour of prayer can protect them against many misfortunes. Pray for them and with them.

7. Make them Financially Savy:

Educate them how to handle money wisely. Develop the habit of prudent spending and saving. The money that they receive as gifts should be deposited into a small savings account that you set up for them.

8. Remind them that they are Unique:

Comparisons are not necessary. All children have their own distinctive qualities which make them unique. Urge them to cherish and love themselves as much as they can.

9. Know when to say "NO":

"No" is a powerful word that they need to learn. Assure them it is admirable to say NO to all toxic situations and people in their lives.

10. Attitude of Gratitude:

Being thankful will help the children to value their blessings. The habit of saying a heartfelt “Thank you” can bring a lot of positivity into one’s life.

Good parenting leads to virtuous and resourceful children. Parents are those who will remain the  guardian candle of luminance even during their darkest hours. Be a true friend to them. You are their role models. After all, they learn from their parents "live" so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.

- H. Jackson Brown, JR.
Aparna Namboodiripad
E Care Faculty, English